2016: Sketchbook365

A brand new year is always exciting, but rather than make unkept resolutions, I am incorporating my friend Beth Griffenhagen New Year’s mantra “2016: Do Something About It.” I couldn’t agree with her more. It’s too easy to say we’re going to do more -or less- of this and that, go to the gym, eat better, the usuals. We’ve all been guilty of it. Next time I am faced with something I would like to change, I am going to focus on the process of action rather than the fantasied outcome. Momentum has been my greatest teacher thus far.

20151222_171309Speaking of momentum, I was able to illustrate 3 holiday gifts in December. In an ideal world I would DIY all the gifts (especially not being a fan of xmas consumption), but I can only hand make what time will allow. Here are some process pics:

Dear_Old_Dadhousev20151222_201339IMG_1932Fellow artist, designer, and brother-in-law Mooch Rex gave me this book for xmas:


I’ve secretly eyed this book in the store before. It’s a great exercise to get the creative juices flowing. There are 712 things to draw; I’ll share drawings on Instagram + post roundups here on my blog.

To kick things off, a little nostalgia from childhood; my mother’s kitchen wallpaper from the 70’s: