Week 6 & 7: Playing House

Home is abstract idea. It's a setting; a state of mind. (George Carlin)

Playing a little #sketchbook365 catchup (aka. drawings created in-between paying gigs). There have been requests for prints, which is exciting and definitely coming soon! I was having fun with this theme; perhaps I spend too much time on Pinterest, or maybe it’s because I have been rearranging my home office (yet again) and editing down to the bare minimum where space is limited. It could even be that I am missing my Apartment Therapy work (had to take a hiatus to focus on art). Either way, I know home is wherever you make it, so why not make it beautiful?

@anthropologie meets @thejpetermancompany.

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An instagram post from last March; I never did buy that junk yard chandelier:

Junkyard find. #gowanus

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