Exciting News: Apartment Therapy Contributor!

I kinda can’t believe it; somebody pinch me please. I am excited to announce that I have recently been hired as a House Tour Contributor (Writer+Photographer) for Apartment Therapy! As a devoted reader, I am over the moon about contributing to a website that I absolutely love and have been following for many years. I can’t wait to get started and report back on great people and their awesome dwellings. Contact me to learn more about it!

And as a Graphic Designer, I am always interested in the story of process and how things came to be. I have often speculated about the Apartment Therapy logo; turns out I was pretty close. Here is the story of the squiggle. Enjoy! xo, artsparrow

“Over the years many people have asked about it [logo], and I’ve noticed how early confusion and displeasure has slowly transformed into appreciation and wonder. I think this just speaks to sticking with something that you believe in through thick and thin.” – Maxwell  Ryan, CEO & Founder of Apartment Therapy

house tour photo © 2012 Amy WalkerRachels Harmonious Home In BerlinApartment Therapy logo & photography © 2004-2013 Apartment Therapy

Gone Thrifting

Everyone has their own unique remedy when they’re feeling down. As a little girl, I remember my Grandfather going on fishing trips to “get some air,” always coming back with fresh fish and in a better mood. While I have no business being down (great news is on the way), I can’t help admitting I have the Sunday blues. So I went for a walk to the P.S. 321 Park Slope flea market to get outside of my head, picking up a few amazing things along the way. A grand total of $40 was spent on all these featured items, which includes a Danish armchair. I definitely found my own personal “fishing trip” for the day. Now my head is clear and I can get back to work!

I’ve been on the hunt for something to organize the key card chaos that always ends up at the bottom of my bag. So instead of using the holder wallet for keys only, I thought it made a lovely organizer for the cards, keeping them neatly in place.

photography © 2013 Andrea Sparacio (artsparrow)