Week 16-38: Where The Wild Things Went

Last time I blogged we left off with drawing prompts and sea monsters. That was April and it’s almost October! Since then I have illustrated Diana Vreeland for Harper’s Bazaar Español, painted over 54 portraits of trailblazing women for NARAL Pro-Choice America’s playing deck Gender Cards (including our next president, Hillary Rodham Clinton!), illustrated a unicorn t-shirt for PBS Idea Channel, updated this website, started a 16-week art class led by Andy J. Miller (Creative Pep Talk), and became an art director for Tablet Magazine. Whew! My #Sketchbook365 project had to take a backseat, though I really miss the extra time for sketching.

I wish I was a animal.

Before you correct my lack of the indefinite article “an”, this was overheard on the subway. Tim came home with the story and we’ve been repeating it ever since. “I wish I was a animal.” The woman who said this was referring to the desire for an easier life, to which another passenger replied, “being an animal doesn’t make it any easier, you would always be worried about survival.”


(the real beast)

160920_artsparrow_tiger5Sometimes I feel like an animal. Artists worry a great deal about survival; can we make the art we truly enjoy and still pay the bills? I’m drawn to the animal world and their symbolism in art, so I figured the best way to bring this website back is with some philosophical questioning and a little pink tiger zest:160920_artsparrow_tiger19124034658660461083-account_id=1

Speaking of wild beasts, I fell in love with this horse pin from the Rhinebeck Antique Market which feeds right into my obsession with flying animals and their apparent hypermobile joints:


Week 9-15: Beautiful My Monster

Strange craving to watch Creature from the Black Lagoon last week…even stranger was his graceful swimming moves! He was ridiculously obsessed with Kay + a total stalking creepo the entire movie. Beautiful costume though.

After the “matchbox made into a bedroom” prompt I became infatuated with tiny houses and have been playing around with diormmas ever since. Extra inspired after seeing teeny architectural models at Cooper Hewitt + the work of Talwst at Spring/Break Art Show. More three-dimensional art to come.


My birthday was a bit of a wash; I had a fever on the day-of but still managed to eat cake through my tears.

64/365: It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to #sketchbook365 #art #illustration

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Now you're awaking; it's so beautiful, my monster. (Husky Rescue)

Helping drawingz by sitting on them

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Week 8: Godzilla + Things

I just added 642 Tiny Things To Draw into the #sketchbook365 mix; it’s the perfect miniature version for traveling. Also, how funny would Godzilla be in a pair of little heeled boots?

Week 6 & 7: Playing House

Home is abstract idea. It's a setting; a state of mind. (George Carlin)

Playing a little #sketchbook365 catchup (aka. drawings created in-between paying gigs). There have been requests for prints, which is exciting and definitely coming soon! I was having fun with this theme; perhaps I spend too much time on Pinterest, or maybe it’s because I have been rearranging my home office (yet again) and editing down to the bare minimum where space is limited. It could even be that I am missing my Apartment Therapy work (had to take a hiatus to focus on art). Either way, I know home is wherever you make it, so why not make it beautiful?

@anthropologie meets @thejpetermancompany

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An instagram post from last March; I never did buy that junk yard chandelier:

Junkyard find #gowanus

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