Week 8: Godzilla + Things

I just added 642 Tiny Things To Draw into the #sketchbook365 mix; it’s the perfect miniature version for traveling. Also, how funny would Godzilla be in a pair of little heeled boots?

Week 6 & 7: Playing House

Home is abstract idea. It's a setting; a state of mind. (George Carlin)

Playing a little #sketchbook365 catchup (aka. drawings created in-between paying gigs). There have been requests for prints, which is exciting and definitely coming soon! I was having fun with this theme; perhaps I spend too much time on Pinterest, or maybe it’s because I have been rearranging my home office (yet again) and editing down to the bare minimum where space is limited. It could even be that I am missing my Apartment Therapy work (had to take a hiatus to focus on art). Either way, I know home is wherever you make it, so why not make it beautiful?

@anthropologie meets @thejpetermancompany.

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An instagram post from last March; I never did buy that junk yard chandelier:

Junkyard find. #gowanus

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Week 5: Do You Believe in Magic?

Rabbits are guides into the shadow world, where our personal fears lie.

“When the rabbit shows up it is time to examine those deep reflexive fears that hold you back from growing. Do you keep bounding for the safety of your old patterns every time something new or challenging presents itself? If the answer is yes, the rabbit asks you to face your fears with compassion for yourself. You must accept that it is part of human nature to feel fear at times, but also believe that our fears need not paralyze our growth and movement.”–Ina Woolcott

Week 4: The Truth Is Out There

Maybe we're just beasts with big brains.

This has been one hell of an X-Files week. The revival premiered Sunday, January 24th, one day after being holed up from the first NYC “blizzard” of 2016. In preparation, we finished watching Season 8 & 9 of X-Files – painfully, since we could never get through them before (nothing will make you miss Seasons 1-5 more than the later seasons!) I love the show regardless though, and Scully + Mulder are in my top favorite TV characters of all time. I used my fandom of X-Files as art inspiration, which could possibly Tooms its way into next week’s drawings as well.

Week 3: Warhol & Astley

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.


Week 2: Ziggy Played Guitar

And if you say run, I'll run with you.

Monday I awoke to the sad news that David Bowie passed. It’s a always little strange when a celebrity dies; we didn’t know them personally, but if they touched our lives in some way it can feel personal. I will remember Bowie as someone who stayed true to himself – his life, art, and vision – and didn’t care what other people thought. As the social media comments came pouring in, reflecting on his uniqueness, I couldn’t help but think “be the Bowie you wish to see in the world.” Later that day, I read the following excerpt from Caitlin Moran who put it more articulately: 

In 1968, Bowie was a gay, ginger, bonk-eyed, snaggle-toothed freak walking around London in a dress, being shouted at by thugs. Four years later he was exactly that - but everyone else wanted to be like him, too. If David Bowie can make being David Bowie cool, you can make being you cool.


Week 1: Sweet Cherry Pie

Day 5: A turtleneck. #712morethingstodraw #drawingaday #dailydrawings #sketchbook #art #prismacolor #illustration

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2016: Sketchbook365

A brand new year is always exciting, but rather than make unkept resolutions, I am incorporating my friend Beth Griffenhagen New Year’s mantra “2016: Do Something About It.” I couldn’t agree with her more. It’s too easy to say we’re going to do more -or less- of this and that, go to the gym, eat better, the usuals. We’ve all been guilty of it. Next time I am faced with something I would like to change, I am going to focus on the process of action rather than the fantasied outcome. Momentum has been my greatest teacher thus far.

20151222_171309Speaking of momentum, I was able to illustrate 3 holiday gifts in December. In an ideal world I would DIY all the gifts (especially not being a fan of xmas consumption), but I can only hand make what time will allow. Here are some process pics:

Dear_Old_Dadhousev20151222_201339IMG_1932Fellow artist, designer, and brother-in-law Mooch Rex gave me this book for xmas:


I’ve secretly eyed this book in the store before. It’s a great exercise to get the creative juices flowing. There are 712 things to draw; I’ll share drawings on Instagram + post roundups here on my blog.

To kick things off, a little nostalgia from childhood; my mother’s kitchen wallpaper from the 70’s:


Travel Sketchbook, I


This is the latest photo of my art desk; it’s such lovely workspace. For some reason though, I have trouble actually working at it. I find myself productive anyplace else but this beautiful desk. I was the same way as a kid; even my college projects were finished from the floor. Unsurprisingly, I drew more at the Days Inn while traveling last week than I have sitting up properly in a while. Here are some sketches I made while not at my desk, inspired by things I saw along the way.


↑  Creepy head @ Newburgh Vintage Emporium (aka. my new favorite thrift store).