Dear Santa

By the time the holidays roll around, I usually don’t know what material possessions to ask for. There are so many things I want and yet most of them seem intangible things I must do for myself. For starters, I need the gift of time! Endless hours getting lost in making art, making messes, being creative, learning programs and new techniques. Can busy New Yorkers ask for more time? We don’t play enough and over-schedule every inch of our lives. Other materials I want are usually for my art career (I know, I’m obsessed) and things I will never ask of others because they’re for my own business. I did create this style board of office supplies I plan on purchasing over the next year (although the wolf pillow is just a reminder to make more animal-themed crafts.) Have a Creative & Happy Holiday! xo Andrea.

mail & paper sorter cube, faux-leather camera bag, studio designs oak wing table, Nikon lenses, Ross Menuez pillows, Crate & Barrel industrial stool, Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, Blitz Translucent Drawing Board

photos & style boards © 2011 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio)

New Illustration: Vogue Pattern Magazine!

This time last year I began illustrating a bi-monthly column for Vogue Pattern Magazine called Sewing Therapy. The new Dec/Jan 2012 issue’s Sewing Therapy tagline is: “Do you suffer from Delusional Holiday Gift Sewing?” along with my full-page illustrated spread. Check it out on newsstands now! And just in time for the holidays. ♡magazine layouts © 2011 Vogue Patterns Magazine; illustrations © 2011 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio)

New Comic: What Is Romance?

This past Summer I was asked by the awesome editors at Slice Magazine to participate in a comic swap with Grayhaven Comics (see previous comic teaser here). My 4-page contribution is finally out for purchase in their “Love Letters” anthology. It was an awesome challenge for me to tackle the issue’s theme: Romance! You’re surely in for a treat.

Order your copy today; $3.75 at ComiXpress!

Comic pages © 2011 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio), The Gathering (love letters cover) © 2011 Grayhaven Comics

Where I’ve Been

I would never be so ungrateful in this economy as to complain about having too much work to do, but I can at least say this: I miss blogging! It’s been a few weeks now and so much has happened: T & I got married at NY City Hall, we spent some time in New Orleans, had a vegan Thanksgiving with total strangers, took a lot of art & food photography, a few more of my illustrations have been published, and I’ve got some cool new design projects on the burner. I am also buried under piles of work, wrapping up the SVA Typography class, and spend most of my days in front of the computer with a cat who steals drinks from my water glass and spreads across my Wacom tablet only when under deadline. Things could be a lot worse, I know it, but it’s time to play catch-up. I will be back shortly with drawings, photos, animations, designs, and my first musical instrument since childhood (hint: it’s weird & awesome).