Storychord: Issue #36 Illustration + Around The Campfire Mural

I was asked by Amanda Bullock (events coordinator of Housing Works Bookstore) and Sarah Lynn Knowles (of SARAHSPY) to create an 8-foot scenic background for Storychord‘s “Around The Campfire.” I was also the featured in Issue #36 that very same week! (see illustration below) Sarah does such an amazing job of combining writing, music and art & I was so happy to be part of this.

Prepping & painting the mural the night before:

The stage setup at Housing Works:

The hosts, writers and musicians below: Amanda Bullock, Sarah Lynn Knowles, Miles Klee (audio clip), Michelle Augello-Page (audio clip), Tim Mucci (audio clip), Katie Mullins (website), and Will Stratton (website). Also, a very special thank you to Sarah for this super awesome introduction to my art & illustration! ♡ (audio clip)

My table of zombie merch: The Zombie Autopsies book, Zombie bookmarks, and free artsparrow  pencils:

And no campfire is complete without S’mores! (Thanks Kurt Christenson of Power Play for demonstrating the deliciousness factor). Housing Works Cafe: truly the best S’mores I have ever eaten in my life.

illustration & photography © 2011 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio);  s’mores photo © 2011 Amanda Bullock

Creative Home: She’s Crafty

I’ve been super busy these days (as is often the case!) but this time between hustling and working freelance gigs, planning a City Hall wedding with Tim, making our own invitations from scratch (see above envelope), painting and decorating the apartment; I feel like I’ve truly earned “She’s Crafty” (Beastie Boys, only without the sexism). Play song for full effect!

Listen here: Beastie Boys – She’s Crafty

Color-coded books are so pretty on the eyes! I got a chance to try this out on our paperbacks (above). After wanting to paint the Living Room gray for the longest time, we finally went with Benjamin Moore’s Silver Fox (below).

I’ve had my eye on Eames chairs forever, specifically the white molded plastic backs with real wood legs. Unfortunately, as a working artist they’re still above my budget. I noticed that Overstock has a replica pair for $225.99. And while I don’t love the dark wood legs as much, they might be the most affordable option. Fixing up the office/dining room is next on my list.

Speaking of dining, sometimes the craftiest place is in my kitchen. We had an abundance of leftover stewed lentils (modified from Martha Stewart’s recipe/minus the chilies) and an intense craving for raviolis. I used Tang’s whole wheat dumpling wrappers (previously collecting freezer burn in my icebox), filled it with the leftover lentils, and whipped up a quick sauce. Viola!

The final result! Total deliciousness:

photography & retouching © 2011 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio), except for Eames chairs via Design Within Reach