Feature in IKEA Magazine


The digital editor for IKEA found my blog and asked to feature me in their magazine. Exciting!! I’m so used to featuring other people on Apartment Therapy, so it was nice to see my own home online. The photos are back from November, before I bought a better camera lens, so I’m trying not to cringe (ha). Here’s a link to the full IKEA article.


Another article of mine will be highlighted soon featuring just my home art studio. Here’s a little sneak peek:


Eye Spy: My Thrifted Glasses in Rue Magazine

While on the mend from this nagging cold that’s been going around during the last days of winter, I’ve either been laying in bed, feverishly working on freelance, taking a break to watch a few grim episodes of Breaking Bad, or collecting pretty pictures on Pinterest. I came across something that really peaked my interest:


This past summer, I found an $8 thrift score that had me swooning: sculptured black metal eyeglasses hidden behind random knickknacks in Housing Works, Brooklyn:


I was so giddy over my weird little find, though I had no backstory as to where they came from; did someone hand make these? I pictured an art student welding them for a workshop then tossing them out after the class was over.


Turns out, HGTV Stylist + Lifestyle guru Kelley Moore had the same piece in her house tour for Rue Magazine October 2012. I even tried color coding our books too back in 2011, similar to the Pinterest photo here, though I returned to a grayer palette. Creative minds thinks alike, and I’m happy to be creatively on par with Kelley Moore any day!

Hello, 2014!


My first illustration for Apartment Therapy! Check out AT’s The Homies here.


Gouache paint = happiness.


Blick is having a huge winter sale so I picked up some new colors.


Here are my first 2014 Apartment Therapy house tours using the new 11-16mm wide angle lens. What a difference!


(above) Evan’s Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio


(above) Laura Lee’s Bright & Playful Basement Studio

Dad over explaining f-stops after we spent a day together in the snow. Adorable.


December Updates


The holiday season is upon us, there is snow on the ground, yet my mind (and blog drafts) are still in summer. I just wanted to take a moment to share a few updates since I’ve been really busy working and it’s almost Christmas already! Yikes.


The editor of  IKEA FAMILY’S live magazine contacted me after finding my website and PAX wardrobe hack. I will be featured in their US Feb/March 2014 digital issue and I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me! I willingly spend Saturdays cramped on IKEA checkout lines, so it’s good to know it was all for a reason.


The deadline turnaround was quick so I never finished all my home decor projects (admittedly, I had visions of grandeur), but we finally finished painting the home art studio/office/dining room – which has had undecided gray swatches on the wall for over a year.


The final choice (below) was Gray Ghost by Olympic and I couldn’t be happier! It’s the perfect balance of white and gray with the most neutral undertone I could find.


I’m used to featuring other people on Apartment Therapy, so it was exciting to be selected for an IKEA feature. And speaking of Apartment Therapy, my face was chosen for their latest job ad (upper left, below) and it made me chuckle:


In other Apartment Therapy highlights, I’ve been photographing some really great spaces including author Emma Straub’s beautiful Brooklyn home, film and fiction writers Phil Gelatt & Vicky Dalpe’s historic house in Rhode Island. Later this afternoon my post for designers Bryan & Sarah Farevaag will go live, and I am just “over the moon” about their place. Puns! Yup, I did it.


This October, I started a freelance design job with Charitybuzz. CB is a for-profit internet company that raises funds for nonprofit organizations through online charity auctions with notable celebrities and brands. They’re a great group of people, and in just a month or so my design skills have sharpened tenfold. I am currently designing & illustrating the company holiday card, working on graphics for accounts such as Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, and helped conceptualize & animate the CB graphics for their New York Stock exchange bell ringing last Friday. CB has helped raise 100 million for different charities – congratulations!


In other work news, I am teaming up again with Wayfinder, Designer, and Strategist extraordinaire Katie Osborn on a very exciting project for 2014 – stay tuned for more! It’s going to be a great New Year.

photo 1 © Matthew Furber; photo 2 © Jane Foster; photo 6 © Apartment Therapy; photo 8 © Charitybuzz