June Updates + New Comics

This month I returned to my old Fashion Institute roots and freelanced at Juicy Couture sketching handbags for Juicy + Cole Haan. I also assisted with summer 2015 concepts; what fun! Here are my sketches of some older items (can’t show anything unreleased).


I have been completely obsessed with Game of Thrones, and since Sunday was the finale, I made my own comic countdown. I also used this as a great excuse to return to drawing weekly comics, just for fun. You can follow my comics on Tumblr here: artsparrowcomics.com.


In addition to Game of Thrones comics, I started drawing character portraits again. Below is Tyrion Lannister, one of my favorite characters in the series, while the background birds I borrowed from my own unfinished Arya painting.

Tyrion_artsparrowSome more really great tours on Apartment Therapy. Katie Osborn (below) who I have freelanced for as a designer + illustrator with The Office of Katie Osborn; working together in the very same home office I photographed.

027AT_Katie_027 Designer Carlos Fernández (below) of CreoCreo Studio has interior design skills that took my breath away.

“carlos’ loft is a visual playground that is
full of surprises; it’s like the willy wonka factory of interior design.”


And who could forget James Bolenbaugh back in March? His apartment is an absolute masterpiece, and I’m also proud of the portrait I shot of James that reminded AT commenters of a painting.


My logo design package for Studio 88 (ie. Principal Architect, Argiris Giorgou) is now complete. Argiris hasn’t officially launched his new branding, so I can’t show the logo just yet, but more design to follow. So here is a random sketch + gouache palette that have nothing to do with anything:


Renegade Craft Fair: Herkimer & Hotdogs

Camera 360Camera 360   Camera 360

Yesterday at Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn I was filled with inspiration. I also ran into old art pal & illustrator extraordinaire, Nicole Ray of Sloe Gin Fizz! Check out Nicole’s awesome site here.

I am planning on having my own table at the next one, so keep a lookout for more information in the fall.

shirt © CHANDI, herkimer necklace © Collarbone by Catharine Luckett & vegan hotdogs at Yeah Dawg

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

I received a great gift two Christmases ago from my Dad. He found out that I wanted this cotton bag by TippyThai on ETSY (or, as my  Dad pronounces it in his accent, “Eatsee”) where he then proceeded to make his first handmade purchase. I loved this bag so much, until one fateful day an ink pen exploded inside of it, sending my beloved bag to its unwearable doom. I never got around to getting the stain out properly and by the time I did it was probably too late. Much like my Dad though, I am scrappy and never let a good bag go to waste. So this is my first attempt at RIT fabric dying to see if I can successfully hide the messy ink stain. Here we go!

I had to move from the tub to the kitchen sink since the dye was at high risk of staining the white porcelain. After a long time of rinsing, wringing, and washing the bag with detergent, things were looking pretty good.

I had to dye the bag black to cover the stain, even though my original attraction to gray was inspired from Clementine (Kate Winslet’s) pleated bag in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Despite using the entire bottle of black, it came out a darker gray. I can still spot the stain but it’s not as bad as before. I think one more round of dying should do the trick, and something old becomes new again. Happy Holidays! xo, artsparrow

photography © 2012 Andrea Sparacio (artsparrow), except for first photo © TippyThai

Sewing Therapy: Vogue Pattern Magazine Illustration

I’m always excited when a magazine article that I’ve illustrated a few month’s back is finally released into the wild, but this time I’m extra excited because this has been my favorite one to date! In this February/March 2012 issue of Vogue Pattern Magazine, Elaine May tackles the issue of “Fishing For Sewing Compliments, The Easy Way.” I really had so much illustrating this pretty one. Currently on newsstands, or you can check it out online here.

illustrations © 2011 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio); magazine layouts © 2011 Vogue Pattern Magazine, photography © 2011 Amy Sly

For the Love of Red & Blue

I just saw this great post from Grace Bonney on Design*Sponge: Current Obsessions: Navy Blue and Red. It reminded me of my own post a while ago (from my old blog foodsparrow) and it was one of my very favorite posts!

Here is the old post (2010); it’s spirit reincarnated:

I saw this awesome jacket in The Look Book style section of New York Magazine (2/7/10). There was no mention of her jacket in the interview or footnotes, and even after some Googling around the web I still couldn’t find it. Some time later, I hit the vintage shops with a subconscious lust for red & blue:

Scarf from Odd Twin $22; skirt from Beacon’s Closet $11.95; striped shirt from a neighborhood stoop sale in Brooklyn $3.

While not finding the exact jacket, I found my craving satiated by these other red & blue accessories. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…

Design*Sponge (2012):

photography: photo 1 © 2010 New York Magazine, photo 2 © 2010 artsparrow (Andrea Sparacio), photo 3 © 2012 Design*Sponge