Feature in IKEA Magazine


The digital editor for IKEA found my blog and asked to feature me in their magazine. Exciting!! I’m so used to featuring other people on Apartment Therapy, so it was nice to see my own home online. The photos are back from November, before I bought a better camera lens, so I’m trying not to cringe (ha). Here’s a link to the full IKEA article.


Another article of mine will be highlighted soon featuring just my home art studio. Here’s a little sneak peek:


Eye Spy: My Thrifted Glasses in Rue Magazine

While on the mend from this nagging cold that’s been going around during the last days of winter, I’ve either been laying in bed, feverishly working on freelance, taking a break to watch a few grim episodes of Breaking Bad, or collecting pretty pictures on Pinterest. I came across something that really peaked my interest:


This past summer, I found an $8 thrift score that had me swooning: sculptured black metal eyeglasses hidden behind random knickknacks in Housing Works, Brooklyn:


I was so giddy over my weird little find, though I had no backstory as to where they came from; did someone hand make these? I pictured an art student welding them for a workshop then tossing them out after the class was over.


Turns out, HGTV Stylist + Lifestyle guru Kelley Moore had the same piece in her house tour for Rue Magazine October 2012. I even tried color coding our books too back in 2011, similar to the Pinterest photo here, though I returned to a grayer palette. Creative minds thinks alike, and I’m happy to be creatively on par with Kelley Moore any day!

DIY: Jewelry Organizer & IKEA Closet Hack

I love our Brooklyn apartment to pieces, but it definitely came with its own set of challenges. One of them being no proper closets, albeit a common apartment-dwelling dilemma. For over six-years I have been gradually developing IKEA’s Pax Wardrobe into my own dream closet as best I can. The next problem that needed solving (after my jewelry hanger broke) was how to have easy access to my chunky jewelry. I was originally going with pegboard, until I spotted this lattice metal grating across the aisle in Lowe’s. The corners are a little sharp, but it was definitely more my speed with its metal industrial look. Tim helped me hang it up by drilling carefully into the narrow Pax door using eight screws, nuts & washers.


My solution to the bulkier items were to hang these little drawer organizers by Rubbermaid. We drilled two tiny holes into each bin and bent thick metal wire to act as hooks. I’m sure there are better options, but this was my down & dirty problem-solving for the time being.


Some time ago, while watching an unforgettable marathon of Graham Linehan’s Black Books in the background, we wallpapered the wardrobe with my substitute (and more affordable choice) to Cole & Son’s Two Woods. I love my customized DIY closet!


Gone Thrifting

Everyone has their own unique remedy when they’re feeling down. As a little girl I remember my Grandfather going on fishing trips to “get some air,” always coming back with fresh fish and in a better mood. While I have no business being down, I can’t help admitting I have the Sunday blues. So I went for a walk to the P.S. 321 Park Slope flea market to get outside of my head, picking up a few amazing things along the way. A grand total of $40 was spent on all these featured items, which includes a Danish armchair. I definitely found my own personal “fishing trip” for the day. Now my head is clear and I can get back to work!

I’ve been on the hunt for something to organize the key card chaos that always ends up at the bottom of my bag. So instead of using the holder wallet for keys only, I thought it made a lovely organizer for the cards, keeping them neatly in place.

photography © 2013 Andrea Sparacio (artsparrow)