“Andrea’s work is elegant chaos. It’s raw and human, yet very clearly sophisticated. It’s an extremely difficult balance to strike, but she seems to do it with ease.” —Andy J. Miller, Creative Pep Talk


“Andrea Sparacio is the real deal. Her illustration is this perfect mix of expressive free association, intriguing bizzaro situations and classy vintage vibes! Aesthetically I love that her work feels very loose, but also very skillful. Not many are able to strike this elusive balance as well as she does. Most of all, I love that Andrea puts her heart and soul into every piece that she makes. This is her super power and the secret to her ability to make genuine connections with her audience.” Andy J. Miller of Creative Pep Talk

“Andrea’s slightly offbeat illustrations (Godzillas, skull heads with people legs, hairy monsters, etc.) are oddly-strange-fantastic-and-slightly-terrifying-but-also-funny dreams. In a good way…in the best way!” Kristin Rogers Brown, Art Director of Bitch Magazine

“Andrea is a tireless and creative collaborator. She’s full of good ideas and good humor; I would work with her again in a heartbeat.” David Franklin, Artisanal Television

“Andrea was a dream to work with. This year she did 4 illustrations for the bookstore; in every instance she delivered on time—or early!—was responsive to feedback and change requests, and, of course, produced amazing work. I would enthusiastically and highly recommend her to anyone, and hope to work with her more in the future.” Amanda Bullock, Director of Public Programming, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe


“Andrea’s exquisite attention to detail coupled with her unparalleled ability to put into drawings what I saw in my own mind’s eye made her an outstanding artistic collaborator and a potent creative force. Without her careful work, I wouldn’t have had a novel. It’s that simple.” Steven Schlozman MD, Author of The Zombie Autopsies

“Illustrated in gory glory with clinical drawings by Andrea Sparacio, this book is sure to get scarfed up by ravenous zombiephiles.” Publisher’s Weekly

“The literary debut of Schlozman, an assistant psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School, as well as illustrator Andrea Sparacio, whose detailed drawings of dissections look like scenes out of a triage tent.” Vox Magazine

“Horror fans will admire illustrator Sparacio’s grisly drawings of the disease’s progress.” Kirkus Reviews

“Gorgeously macabre anatomical illustrations by Andrea Sparacio from the new book The Zombie Autopsies. Better know the inner workings of the undead!” Gavon Laessig, Buzzfeed


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